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Our choice of supporting the English Cream Golden Retriever breed was not an arbitrary decision. We fell in love with them at first sight - one cannot resist their beauty, intelligence, versatility and genuine loving nature. We believe that these features are more pronounced in English Cream Golden Retrievers than in their American counterparts. The differences between American Goldens and European ones do not end in their color scheme - their nature makes them ideal for family pets, but their abilities also make them suited for hunting, tracking, guide dogs and hospital therapy applications. Our dogs constantly get attention from people we meet in the United States - they truly do make a lasting impression.

In our investigations of various US sources we have found a great interest in this breed of dog. Unfortunately, we have also found that many people who breed them have very little knowledge about this breed. Even worse, some of these “breeders” are associated with puppy mills. This hurts the status of the breed. We have found that breeding stock quality control systems and procedures are virtually non-existent in America. This can be attributed to the fact that most of them do not conform to the AKC breed standard.

Brighton Goldens is not one of these typical breeders. We mainly bring puppies in from overseas. We can bring some better stock here if we take it directly from the place where the breed is from, where a bigger selection of them is offered and show procedures are in place and breed improvement is verified.  We believe that with some help these procedures can start to function in the United States as well, so good quality English Cream Golden Retrievers will be bred locally.

Brighton Goldens is only importing dogs from Poland at this time. Since we are from Poland we are well informed of the standard and the quality of the animal that our customers expect. We import from the best kennels available. Our breeders routinely test their dogs prior to breeding for flaws, such as hip and elbow dysplasia.

We are working to uphold the American standards as far as testing goes. In Poland, the Polish Kennel Club has strict guidelines for litter registration.  Before breeding, both parents must have at least three excellent or very good comments from a judge at a dog show. Each litter must be inspected and approved by an independent Polish Kennel Club certified specialist. The Kennel is inspected, and each puppy is tattooed, or tattoos are checked. Bitches can only be bred after a year and a half, and only once a year. Otherwise, they will not be able to register these puppies.
We provide several advantages for the avid dog fancier. We are very involved with the process that begins long before the puppies are even born. We research records, ancestors, health records, pictures, and any other pertinent information to provide the most information possible. We speak the language of Poland as well as the language of breeders. We are licensed with the Illinois Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Welfare. We are able to travel to Poland in order to select puppies personally. The puppies are shipped on direct flights only. Whenever we can, we take a puppy to the cabin with us. . We take care of all the paperwork. Your puppy comes with full medical records, where all vaccinations, vet exams, clearances, etc. are recorded. Please refer to our Dog Import Information section if you would like to read more about this subject.

At Brighton Goldens, we believe that the responsibility of the breeder or his representative does not end with the dog sale. We offer lifetime support, for our clients, and their dogs. We are interested in the betterment of the breed, and building long-lasting relationships in the dog world. In the future, we hope to import puppies from outside of Poland as well.

The name Brighton Goldens initially came in the form of Bright Tone Goldens. We are in America and we wanted to distinguish our type of Golden Retriever from the type common in America. British type Golden Retrievers are usually lighter or “brighter” than their American counterparts are.   To make this name shorter and avoid spelling problems we have decided for a term Brighton. The name Brighton also has a geographical meaning - it is an English seaside resort on the English Channel in East Sussex, southern England.

If anybody asks us if our Goldens are from Brighton we can safely answer “yes”. In a sense, all goldens are. Lord Tweedmouth, the first designer of the breed, purchased a dog called "Nous" near Brighton in the year 1865. This yellow dog was the father of the litters which he used to start the Golden Retriever breed.


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