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We are constantly monitoring for any important news about the English Creme Golden Retrievers in Europe and locally. We talk to good breeders from Poland and other European countries in order to assist them in their puppy export to the US, and all logistics related to this. Our primary concern is the quality of endorsed puppies, because we want to represent our clients the best we can. For more about specific AKC registration, certificates, contract etc. please refer to the Dog Import section . For the Puppy Contract Sample please follow this link. We offer now 1 hour at home free training session for the clients which live in a reasonable distance from us.


Litter #1 born June 22nd 2014 - 5 males & 5 females



Sire litter #1
Sire litter #1

The Sire is a Champion and Junior Champion. He is 8 years old dog. He was doing very well in show rings winning BOBs and CACIBs on international shows. Third on World Dog Show in junior category. Still winning in veteran class, BOBs and even BOS very recently. Very good top line, good pigmentation, tall body, very light color and first of all long straight dense coat. His hair was the main reason he was used in that litter. He is a good size relaxed, calm and submissive to people dog.

The dam has some impressive wins in Junior category and a Junior Champion title. She should be finished quick after that litter. She is almost 2 years and this is her first litter. Excellent, balanced tall female, deep strong chest, thick bones and dense light cream coat and nice blocky head. She has a good temperament and she is a happy dog. She is a great dog for presentation. She has 3 sisters and 1 brother in US. One of her litter sisters had the litter with the same sire just now and the puppies came very well - super temperament.

These puppies are coming from Poland. Both parents were born in the same place - top show kennel in Poland recently. Both parents have health clearances like the Hips Clearance Sire and Dam HD A (the highest), Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear etc. Offspring of these parents, as well as their siblings and ancestors had never special health problems. Both the sire and the dam have top class pedigrees with most of their ancestors being champions and the best dogs from many countries of Europe. Please contact us for more details such as pictures, the parents' pedigrees and other questions.

The puppy price for limited registration (no breeding rights) is $2200 generally . Top choices - picks of the litter are $200 more. Unlimited AKC registration(breeding rights) add $800.


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Note: We can have various different offers from time to time which are not published here. We have sometimes some breedable or not breedable older dogs which we want to place in foster homes. Please enquire about this by E-mail or phone.
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