Puppy Sale Contract
(Import-Unlimited Registration-Pet only version. There are different version for puppies we breed and for unlimited option)

The following sale and agreement is made and entered between the following persons/entities:

Kyno-Logistics, (Brighton Goldens), Inc                     Address:         619 Cleavland Drive Bolingbrook, IL 60440     

Referred later as a Seller and 

______________________                                           Address:         _______________________

Referred later as the Buyer.

The subject of the sale is the male/female puppy breed Golden Retriever color _____ and having a pedigree name _______ (Pedigree dog name) on (Date).    Puppy Sire:  __________________________ and puppy’s Dam: ______________________ .

The Seller declares that: This puppy is imported legally from (country) and has belonged to its breeders __________(European Breeder name and address). The puppy tattoo number: _____ is identical with the number on the puppy’s documents. All the related documents will be transferred with the puppy to the Buyer. The Buyer may receive a copy of birth certificate together with the puppy or maximum 8 weeks later if needed. The Seller will facilitate the transfer of registration from the current Polish owners into the Buyer’s & Seller’s name if needed for $50 extra. The Buyer acknowledges that this process can take up to 4 months after delivery.

The Seller gives a specific guarantee concerning the puppy health, appearance and history:

In all above cases the puppy must be returned within one month from delivery date. The buyer agrees that the transport cost will be covered by the Buyer. The money will be returned after the puppy’s arrival to the Seller. Above conditions are much better for the client than what is usually given by US breeders. It is used to balance the fact that the client has no usually possibility to inspect a puppy personally prior to delivery. Long term warranty: The sire and the dam of the puppy have documents issued by certified veterinarian that were X-Rayed and they passed hips test as well as other various tests. The Seller declares that reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent this puppy from acquiring hereditary defects especially defects of the hips, elbows, eyes and heart. However, due to unknown hereditary and environmental causes of such defects, no guarantee will be given against them. However, should said puppy be diagnosed by a board certified specialist as being affected by one of the above defects by 2.5 years of age, the seller will take the dog back and replace it with a puppy from another breeding within one year or he will consider another action to satisfy the client.
The Buyer declares that: The puppy will be given proper medical care including, but not limited to vaccinations and regular vet checkups and deworming. The buyer will provide adequate and proper shade and housing at home or in a fenced yard or large size kennel for the dog. The dog will be fed everyday accordingly to its age a proper natural food or a good quality dog food.  The dog will get enough food for sustained growth but not too much. It has been proven that obesity is the major factor causing joints and hips problems. The dog weight at 6 months should never be higher than 20% more than average at 6 months (more than 65lb male & 55lb female).    It will have adequate and correct to his age exercise everyday because muscle growth is very important to balance bone growth. The puppy is not allowed to jump down from places higher then it is shoulder like stairs or play jumping games like Frisbee up until one year of age.  The Buyer should also protect the puppy from living and playing on smooth, slippery floors.  These conditions have been shown to bring about joint damage to still growing puppies. The Buyer will groom, train and care for this puppy in a manner consistent with animal husbandry practices and those endorsed by the breeder, Seller and the Golden Retriever Club of America. The dog should not be left for extended hours alone and the buyer should provide proper vet care and weight monitoring. The Buyer declares that it is not his intention to sell the dog and he promises to inform the seller about any plans of ownership change in the future. The buyer should give to the seller current information about this dog condition, size and weight and current pictures.  This should happen at least twice during first six month period after reception and at least annually later.  The buyer declares that the dog will not be bred. Seller guarantee will apply only if above conditions have been met. Additionally the Buyer was informed about the confinement agreement (Rabies vaccination - form CDC 75.37), which is required for the puppies brought to US from overseas and it accepts giving his contact data to CDC if such need arises.
The purchase price is $________. The Seller acknowledges and confirms the $_____ deposit obtained from the Buyer. All import costs (transport to Chicago, vet certifications) are included but any local taxes excluded. Remaining balance of $_______ should be paid before delivery.  The Seller upon receipt of the remaining balance acknowledges that the Buyer is purchasing the puppy effectively with limited AKC registration.

Seller Signature                                                                       Buyer Signature

_______________________                                                _______________________                                           
Kyno Logistics, Inc by (name)


Date:  ____/____/20__